Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping
"At 8 weeks, Teddy was sleeping through the night thanks to Vivian's calming way and deep knowledge of newborns and their needs."
- Meredith Pasquesi

My goal is to have your baby/toddler develop consistently good sleeping habits.

Healthy sleeping habits are vital for his/her development as well as the well-being of your whole family.

I have been working with babies for the last 21 years, and have had excellent results with my techniques which I have learned from my long experience working all over the US and Europe. That experience has been much more educational than all the books I have read and my nursing training in Argentina. After just a few days, all my babies are peacefully sleeping through the night in their cribs and taking scheduled naps.

I take my work with babies both as a baby nurse and sleep consultant very seriously and accept the tremendous responsibility that parents give me as a great honor.

I would be delighted to provide phone references upon request.

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