Baby Sleeping

"They are sleeping through the night (7-1/2 weeks) - I'm not kidding - 10-12 hours! I credit you with giving them such a good start in the world . . . "
- Julie Baum
Mother of Twins

In addition to the many testimonials on the site and in the brochure, phone references are available upon request.

Dear Vivian, every now and again, if we are lucky, our lives are touched by a greater force. Meeting you yesterday was one of those rare life experiences. You are truly HEAVEN sent. Your loving and calm presence, your innate gift with babies, your ability to truly make households a more peaceful and rested place is quite obvious. Nothing beats a well rested baby. The domino effect is powerful. And you are here to keep the calm.

THANK YOU Vivian for sharing your afternoon with us, for helping us with the tips of your trade, and for touching all of our lives in the few hours we had together.

Angela Tirion

Hi Vivian, I went back to work two weeks ago and every evening when I came home I thought of you. Anya continues to sleep through the night - and I don't know what I'd do if she didn't!

So thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you. You helped me get some of me back through sleep - and I'm a way better mom because of it. I am incredibly grateful.

Amy Lanigan

"My husband works market hours and I was doing the nights all by myself. After 8 weeks I felt like I was going insane -I was exhausted, overwhelmed and clueless as to what to do next. I had no idea it would be this hard! Our daughter did not know night from day and would wake up every three to four hours regardless of the clock.

'Day One' recommended Vivian and I reluctantly called her. I thought to myself, 'how can she REALLY help me if she doesn't live with us? What can one meeting do?'

Vivian met with us and gave us a plan of attack that was appropriate for our family and my husband's hours. She followed up every morning and was an amazing support system for us. It's not easy!

After sticking to Vivian's plan and talking things through with her we had our daughter sleeping 7 to 7 at 10 weeks. It only took us one day. She has yet to deviate from the sleeping pattern and she will be 6 months old next week!"

Katherine Tarrant

"At 6 months our baby was waking four times a night. Our baby wasn't sleeping, my husband wasn't sleeping and I was loosing my sanity. A wonderful baby nurse named Vivian came to my family's rescue. In two hours on a Saturday morning she gave us a plan of attack to get my baby sleeping, and give us peace of mind. Like a great coach, she was right by my side until the baby was sleeping through the night. The results have been amazing! By the second night the baby was sleeping through the night. She is such a different baby, calm and peaceful - she even sleeps more during the day.

Needless to say my husband and I feel like real people again. I wish I had called Vivian sooner. Vivian is smart and knowledgeable, but more than anything she is a voice of wisdom, kindness and compassion. She really understands babies and mothers and I know she really cares. I STRONGLY recommend Vivian for anyone who needs help with any part of their baby's development."

Christine Stovell
To the Golden Gate Mother's Group

"I highly recommend Vivian Sonnenberg to new families looking for assistance in helping their babies to sleep. Vivian provides support, warmth and experience that gives new parents the confidence they need to help their babies establish healthy sleep habits. We have received lots of positive feedback from new moms who have utilized Vivian's services and are now sleeping much better!"

Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC
Executive Director, Day One
The Center for New and Expectant Parents, S.F.

"Our three month old son was having sleep issues... Our family was exhausted and the tension in the house was thick. After a sleepless night we made a call to Vivian. Vivian is a true miracle worker. In just 5 days she had Teddy on a schedule, showed us how to get him to sleep without walking, bouncing, etc. including helping take a bottle which he had refused for a long time. Our time with Vivian, albeit short, was quite special and I urge anyone considering her to hire her without delay.

- Susan McDonough

When Lindsay saw Vivian for the first time, I couldn't believe how excited and happy she was. Up until that point, she had never been friendly with someone other than her Dad and me. Vivian really has a gift. Babies can feel it too! Lindsay is a totally different baby now. She is taking the bottle, doesn't cry in the car anymore, naps regularly, is friendly to strangers and is a much happier little girl. Thank you Vivian for giving us our life back!

- Kimberly Fiek

"My baby rarely cries and seems happy to go to bed for naps and at night. She begins to smile when I start our bedtime routine and babbles happily in her bed until she falls asleep. I can't believe this is my baby! Vivian helped me to feel more confident in deciding what my baby needs and I feel more in control and competent as a parent. I have learned so much from Vivian through this process and I thank her for all her support and time spent on the phone."

- Julia Dubois

"Vivian assesses your personal situation, answers your questions, addresses your concerns, and works out a game plan. She checks in frequently to address question, while providing comfort and support during this transition. She truly cares about her clients and works with you to make sure it is a success."

- Rochelle Kushner
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